​While Alliance's Adam "Armada" Lindgren is usually the one to stay out of controversy in the Melee community, after an agreement with one of his subscribers, he was forced to put forward his opinion on a delicate subject

The question may be anything but esports, yet it is a change of pace for Armada considering his most recent loss at Smash Summit 5. For an Armada fan, it must be relieving to see that Armada takes his losses well and is able to move on from them. 

It is also important to recognize that this is also a change of pace for the Melee community. Recently, there has been drama between Team SoloMid's William "Leffen" Hjelte and Team Liquid's Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma.

It began with Leffen's smack talk being shut down after Hungrybox's victory at Smash Summit 5, Leffen calling out Hungrybox for not hanging out with anyone at the event, more banter between them, and it ending with Leffen blocking Hungrybox.

For a more detailed summary of the events, check out the article here.

Good Summary of events

Hopefully through Armada's abnormal taste and wholesome stream, the Melee community will be able to recover from the tense feud between Hungrybox and Leffen.