​The DreamLeague Season 8 qualifiers for North America finished on Nov. 1, with four teams battling it out to try and make it to the major. It was a hard fought qualifier with the team from the open qualifier making it all the way to the finals. 

In the end, it was the old guard of North America who advanced through.

​​Evil Geniuses will move on to the main event after defeating compLexity Gaming 2-0 in the finals. In fact, EG had to beat compLexity twice during their run, once in the winners finals and then again in the grand finals.

The final series between the two teams was close despite the score line. In Game 1, EG had a gold advantage the whole way and it seemed inevitable that compLexity would fall. In the second game, coL had a slight gold lead for a good portion of the game, but EG kept it so close that all they needed was one good fight to win the game.

​​EG will join Team Secret, Newbee, Infamous, and four more teams to be decided later for the tournament. EG currently sits at eighth in Pro Circuit points, tied with compLexity and Immortals in the standings. With a good placement here, they could begin to pull away from their NA counterparts. The major will take place December 1-3.

Cover photo courtesy of Liquipedia