​There's been a recent trend within Competitive Overwatch. Players have been receiving minuscule amounts of SR for their wins, regardless of performance and rating. 

Granted, there are a number of circumstances, when met, that will contribute to low SR gain, but some examples show that some victories ignore the typical requirements for lower SR and cut gains anyway.

​Streamer Emongg had recently experienced such a fruitless victory. 

Two SR. That's it. There's absolutely no reason for anyone to be receiving two SR for a victory. Emongg received three medals, two of them gold, and received only two SR for coming out on top. Not only that, his teammates also only received two SR for their victory.

With disconnects taking away 25-50 SR, there's no reason for Overwatch to keep SR gated in this manner. Though Emongg didn't skip a beat when entering the game a second time, if victories are only rewarding players with pathetic numbers, then there's no incentive for players to even bother with comp in the first place.

​A number of the current systems in place for Overwatch need change along with the arrival of Moria. Though receiving a new character is always welcome, Blizzard shouldn't turn a blind eye to critical issues like these.