​One of the worst parts about having to undergo roster changes is that there's some risk being run of not being able to participate in an event that the team had already been prepping for.

It's sort of tied in with the idea of a last-second roster change, but it's not as though that's much consolation to the teams stuck scrambling to find a replacement last-minute.

​​Because Team Liquid recently said goodbye to Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz in favor of Lucas "steel" Lopes, they're in a bit of a rough spot for the ELEAGUE Boston Major Qualifier. Since steel played with IMT in the online qualifier, he will be ineligible for the Major Qualifier.

In light of that and their lack of a fifth regular player, they're going to let their fifth player be none other than their coach, Wilton "zews" Prado.

​​This isn't some kind of a death sentence for Liquid, though. Zews is by no means bad at the game. Additionally, given that he's their coach, he should know what the team needs to do more than anybody else.

Hopefully it works out well for them.

Image courtesy of ​Liquipedia