In this day and age, everybody is used to big tournaments for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive having really formal streams with high production quality. The tournament organizers deem which streams are theirs to keep up, and nobody else can be streaming it.

However, events also like innovating and finding new partners to give them exposure or give their fans a new perspective.

​​In light of both of these, IEM Oakland has partnered with Znipe, a primarily CS:GO-oriented streaming service. Instead of just running the primary IEM stream during playoffs, Znipe will be providing a side-stream for them.

The Znipe couch will consist of Duncan "Thorin" Shields, Auguste "Semmler" Massonnate, Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen, and Jacob "Pimp" Winneche. It should be a rather interesting and different couch from what's normally seen.

​​All in all, people familiar with Znipe are excited for this new development. There should be so many great things about the form of stream that they provide to augment IEM's main stream.

Hopefully everything goes well for them and they start to be seen in the CS:GO scene more often. It's a great thing that they're doing in providing an alternative stream with a different environment. This partnership with IEM looks like such a good thing for them.