Korean esports organization Lunatic-Hai unveiled their new roster this week after several changes and moves by former players. Chae "Bunny" Joon-Hyuk left for the Seoul Dynasty, Cho "MedalOfHonor" Sung Min started to focus on streaming​, leaving several holes on the roster.

Nenne comes from LW Red, iDK from Afreeca Freecs, YARG from Rhinos Gaming Titan, and Sowhat (also used the name Abel) from resunz.crew. The team will compete in the next season of APEX, having already gone through Challengers as Lunatic-Hai #2. 

Lunatic-Hai has experienced much roster turnover, with Whoru remaining as a relative constant. Once he reaches the age where he can go to the Overwatch League, however, things may change. 

Lunatic-Hai has a long history of success, having finished first in seasons two and three of APEX, and winning the Seoul Cup OGN Super Match. Many fans even go as far as to speculate that this roster​ is better than some in the Overwatch League. They certainly have a lot to live up to leading into the next season of APEX play.