​One of Europe's leading aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, announced a few months earlier that they are obtaining a spot in the EU LCS. Airbus had also released a YouTube video showing that they were indeed joining the League of Legends scene.

​​Not much information was released after the video was posted, but it has been confirmed that Airbus will indeed have a team participating in the EU region. 

For now, the only information "Out of the Blue" has released is the information on their new coach. 

Etienne "Steve" Michels, a former EU LCS top laner, will be leading Out of the Blue. Steve has a good amount of League of Legends experience under his belt as he has played for Team ROCCAT and Schalke 04. 

Steve is a young coach sitting at the age of 22, but his passion for the game should definitely bring a lot to the table as he coaches the team.

Next up for Out of the Blue is their announcement for their top laner. 

You can keep track of their team news ​here.

Image courtesy of OOB