​With the latest Overwatch patch, we've seen multiple changes (not the least of which a brand new hero, Moira) and most of which are (arguably) positive for our Support heroes. With support being all the rage lately, we're seeing the beginnings of an interesting meta.

Whenever Overwatch releases a new hero, inevitably, that hero becomes the most popular pick for a few months until everything settles down. Moira is undoubtedly an expertly designed hero and has been very well received in the community, making her the popular pick.

Another win for the support class is Ana's Biotic Rifle damage being increased from 60 to 70. Not a huge margin, but for Ana mains, this could make all the difference in a close match. Well-aimed Anas can now take out most heroes with three shots instead of four. 

This may seem trite, but a buff is a buff and the increase in Ana players since the patch is very notable and extremely welcome.

Before this patch and even before the BlizzCon announcement of Moira, the role of support in Overwatch was a controversy because of Mercy. Mercy was too strong and if you didn't have her on your team you would more than likely lose to a team who did. 

It seems the tides are finally turning (a little bit) in favor of Moira and Ana. With more recent Mercy nerfs, some players are finally feeling less pigeonholed into playing Mercy altogether. 

Mercy's Resurrect cast time has increased from 0 to 1.75 seconds, making it possible for opponents to stun or kill Mercy before she brings a teammate back to life. To add insult to injury, Mercy's movement speed has been reduced by 75% while casting Resurrection, making it all the easier to interrupt her ability. 

Of course, to counter these nerfs, Mercy's ultimate has been buffed. When Valkyrie is active, Resurrect has no cast time or movement speed reduction - making her ultimate feel more powerful. Mercy is still a game changer and as long as she can bring her teammates back from the dead, she will be the most popular support by far. 

Hopefully with Moira and Ana at the forefront of the meta, the Mercy vice-grip on Overwatch will lessen and support mains won't feel pressured anymore. This is all speculation of course, as the patch and Moira herself just went live yesterday.

The outlook on a new meta is positive and all we can do is keep playing and find out.