​Surprisingly, one of the biggest complaints with Moira has not been with her kit. Since going live, newly created Moira mains have gone and bought her golden weapon, which made the bracelet on both hands take on a gold look. That was pretty much it, though.

​​People weren't too pleased with the golden gun ending just there. It's a little hard to see, considering her weapon isn't an actual gun, but a part of her attire. So fans stopped and began to wonder why would Blizzard just stop there? If her weapon is found on her hands, why not include her nails? 

Fans around the world can now rejoice as Moira now has golden nails if her golden gun is equipped. This change might seem silly, but, it honestly makes a difference when looking at a Moira with a golden weapon when playing and seeing those golden bracelets and gold nails. I definitely welcome this addition.

If this doesn't prove to you that Blizzard listens to feedback, I don't know what else will.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment