World-class esports teams competing for the loyalty of world-class players have before shown that they're willing to put quite a lot of money on the line. Especially with how much money is in League of Legends.

Still, there's some point where anybody would be surprised with the figures, and some recent reports for one player's salary are rather stunning. The craziest part? He's not even on Cloud9 anymore.

This player is none other than Jeong "Impact" Eon-yeong, who has reportedly been picked up by Team Liquid after leaving Cloud9. In this ESPN Esports podcast, Jacob Wolf reports that Impact was yet another player that's been snagged by Team Liquid in their conquest to seemingly own the entire NA LCS.

According to him, Impact's salary under Team Liquid is supposed to be worth about $1 million. A lot of it is likely in bonuses, but it's a gigantic number no matter how you look at it.

Apparently Liquid is looking to set a world record for how much money an esports player is being paid. Everything about this LoL offseason and the NA LCS' franchising has been crazy.

Image courtesy of LoL Esports