​Fan created content is something that makes, not only the Overwatch community, but the gaming community as a whole something truly special. A fan created the Moira grasps or gauntlets out of LEGOs and showed them off in a video. 

The video has everything from the gauntlets to a cat staring down the grasps. What more could one want from it? 

​​The video is created by YouTube user ZaziNombies and he goes very in depth about how he created the grasps by using tons of different LEGO pieces from other sets. But, the overall feel is perfect, the LEGO versions pretty much are nailed on and look like the Moira's from in game. 

The demonstration of them even feels on point, not to mention that cat. But, overall it's one of the more intriguing and cool fan created concepts from the Overwatch community. 

Who knows, maybe LEGO will take an interest and try to make a partnership with Overwatch and sell themed LEGO sets.