​Although KDA and map-to-map stats are discussed plenty in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, trying to take a look at how good players tend to be or have tended to be isn't always an easy thing.

However, courtesy of some HLTV statistics, the BLAST Pro Series has revealed a set of player cards that go over how strong they are in several areas.

​​It's apparently a project they've been sitting on for a while, too. Not revealing them until the event was actually beginning was certainly a great call, though. It just spices up the event a little bit more at the last second.

These cards also help to provide a good idea of how strong individually the players are on each team. Especially in predicted head-to-head matchups, these can provide some idea of how the maps are expected to go.

​​The statistics they look at are all around sensible and aren't too specific. Having a high performance in even one of these areas is impressive, especially multi-kill or effectiveness. The scores for some of these players being stellar across the board shows just how good they are.'

These should be a great resource throughout the weekend to see how players stack up against each other or even their own team.