The Victors of All 2GG Championship Events

With the 2GG Championship fast approaching on Dec. 1-3, it seems fitting to take a look back at 2017 and all the 2GGC events that have already taken place and see who won. 

10. 2GGC: Genesis Saga

How fitting that Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios would take advantage of the very first event in the circuit to guarantee himself a spot in the December finals.

The event didn't set up nearly as many storylines as GENESIS did a week later, but it still offered points to everybody else who placed well, keeping the event relevant.

9. 2GGC: Midwest Mayhem Saga

Though Gavin "Tweek" Dempsey has managed to beat ZeRo with both his Donkey Kong and his Cloud this year, neither of them would claim victory over ZeRo at the Midwest Mayhem Saga, leaving ZeRo the victor of two Sagas in a row.

8. 2GGC: Civil War Saga

With double the points on the line and a curse to keep up, neither ZeRo nor Elliot "Ally" Carroza was able to do well at the Civil War Saga.

Instead, it was Samuel "Dabuz" Buzby and his nasty Rosalina who would win this Saga. With the victory, he also secured himself a spot at the finals and wasn't required to go to any more of them to have his shot at $50k.

7. 2GGC: Greninja Saga

Although he underperformed at the Civil War Saga, Ally was back on his mojo at the next Saga and claimed the Greninja Saga as his own despite the craziness of the bracket overall.

None of the wins he earned can be disrespected, and it made him the third person to secure a spot in the Championship.

6. 2GGC: Nairo Saga

Although he fell short of Saga wins for a few months, ZeRo came back in full force for the Saga that 2GG put on in June, ultimately defeating Saleem "Salem" Young in a tense, five-game grand finals that was just a hint of what would go down at EVO.

5. 2GGC: ARMS Saga

After a few arguably weak months, Dabuz proved the haters declaring him "washed up" wrong during the ARMS Saga, a tournament which he won with two wins over ZeRo. A bracket reset happened in the middle, but Dabuz got the last laugh.

4. 2GGC: SCR Saga

With the normal events in the 2GGC nearly finished, it was scramble time for everybody who hadn't qualified yet, especially Leonardo "MKLeo" Lopez Perez, a player who everybody knows is amazing, but doesn't show it every outing.

Unfortunately, the bitter taste of second would be his consolation prize as ZeRo claimed yet another Saga for himself.

3. 2GGC: West Side Saga

There's only so many ways to type it, but surprise! ZeRo won yet another one of the Sagas. Tweek almost had victory in his grasp as he made it to the winners side of grand finals, but ZeRo blazed through the losers bracket to his final victory of the series to date.

2. 2GGC: Fire Emblem Saga

After a breath-taking grand finals, Salem finally guaranteed himself a spot in the finals after taking out a handful of powerful opponents on the way.

He'd taken events earlier in the year, but the Fire Emblem Saga was the one where he finally put it together in the face of the massive prize pool awaiting everybody at the finals.

1. 2GGC: MKLeo Saga

After a full year of improving and attempting to guarantee himself a spot, too, Tweek finally pushed through that final barrier and laid waste to the MKLeo Saga in order to give himself the final guaranteed spot in the December finals.

ZeRo, Dabuz, Ally, Salem, and Tweek; only these five players had the consistency and skill to win one of the 10 Sagas that 2GGaming hosted throughout the year.

There's still a last-chance qualifier right before the finals themselves, and that will determine the 20 player in the running for the lion's share of the pot. We won't know who claims it until Dec. 3. 

Image courtesy of Shoryuken