Smash Bros. is usually home to some ferocious rivalries and strong camaraderie. Like any fighting game with a long running scene, the folks of Smash are not only familiar with the scene and one another, but know it as part of their social sphere and life.

Some players get a whole lot more than just a few close pals out of the deal.

Chris "WaDi" Boston was about to enter the fray with Gavin "Tweek" Dempsey, a player well on his way to breach the top 10 this year. The set was sure to be a close one, but there was a task Mr. Boston needed to complete before facing off against his opponent: crowning Cinnpie Mrs. Boston.

It's not often that we get to see this sort of ordeal in any sort of esports community. However, in the Smash scene, bonds are close enough that it is not impossible to see this level of connection between two players. WaDi and Cinnpie had been dating for over a year, and WaDi decided it was time to seal the deal with one knee.

WaDi would go on to win his next set and, though he did not take the whole bracket, placed well at the 2GGC Championship. Even if he didn't take the gold medal, he'll be going home a winner.

Header image courtesy of ​2GGC