This is part two of our conversation with Casper “ruggah” Due, the coach for North. He took some time to sit down with us and talked about North's plans for ESL Pro League Finals in Odense.

Q: The team has had a bit of an inconsistent year, winning tournaments such as DreamHack Montreal, but also falling short a few instances as seen in Malmö. What has been the cause of this?

A: We've been in two finals both against G2 where we've lost mostly to their individuals. In Dallas (EPL) we were hit on our (individual) tactical approach where their individuals won the battles from the get go. In Malmö it was chaotic from the semis to the final. I think we had 35 minutes to prepare for a new bo3 both tactically and mentally. It was a really hard task to comprehend we just won our semifinals but had to switch mindset for a new game immediately after. When the match started we never found our mojo from previous in the tournament and especially KennyS had an impressive final. Despite the loss we were happy with our overall performance at that tournament, taking into consideration that valde only started practicing with us two weeks before.

Q: The team has a bit of history with G2, however they won’t be making an appearance at these Finals. Is there another team out there you’d consider to be rivals or you think are the most threatening?

A: SK and G2 has historically been our kryptonite, so our rival within our group will most definitely be SK. Overall you have to consider FaZe as a contender for the title, especially considering Liquid and Astralis are fielding standings making the case for FaZe as 1st in groups and through to semifinals more likely.

Q: This will be the first time North faces OpTic’s revamped lineup - one that features your former teammate Magisk. Does this matchup hold any importance or significance to you?

A: It is always special to play against teams with former team mates. Emil is still a good friend of the team and I'm sure he is more than eager to play his absolute best and win against us. The matchup itself will be a tough one for both teams. Besides Emil they have a lot of very good players who can put up a star performance at any time, we will have to prepare and create difficult conditions for them to make us victorious in the end.

Q: As the only other Danish team in the Finals, what do you make of this current situation with Astralis and the fact they may potentially pull out of the EPL Finals due to dev1ce’s illness?

A: That is between ESL and Astralis.

Q: This will be the last big event of the year for you and the team before the ELEAGUE Major in Boston. Will strats or tactics be saved in preparation for the Major?

A: No, we will play with everything we have. We always focus at one tournament at a time.

Photo Courtesy of North