​Behind every esport is a rich history of old and perhaps forgotten players, rosters, or even organizations. Even how extensive its history is, it's only logical that this holds true of Counter-Strike.

However, it's quite unusual to see an old organization that had faded almost out of memory being revived, at least in name. Normally the past remains such, but no rules like that are concrete.

​​According to a report from DeKay, Immortals has acquired the MiBR trademark. Nobody has officially played under the Made in Brazil banner since 2011, so this seems like a rather odd decision to be reviving the name.

With reports that the current Immortals roster will be bought by 100 Thieves, it's hard to figure out how this piece fits in to the rest of the puzzle. Do they want to rebuild from the ground up under a new name? Is it just for sentimental value? It's impossible to know.

​​With other rumors thrown in the middle surrounding SK Gaming's roster possibly being obtained by Immortals, it's so hard to pretend to know what's happening.

Maybe they'll obtain SK Gaming and rebrand them to MiBR for the nostalgia factor.

The best thing to do with this situation is probably to just wait a little longer to see if anything becomes of it. There are just too many unknowns in the middle.