​In the pro scene for any traditional sport or esport, you'll see people on social media or on the side telling the pros what they should have been doing or determining on their own who is the reason a specific team lost.

However, the players themselves know what the problems are even if they don't always share it. After Astralis placed second at the BLAST Pro Series with Dennis "dennis" Edman playing in place of Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz, there was a lot to be said on the sidelines about whether or not the lack of dev1ce helped or hurt the team.

​​However, Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander has his own opinions of how things shook out at BLAST Pro Series. Instead of saying that dennis is way better for the team than dev1ce or anything like that, he thinks that having dev1ce would have completed the team entirely and given them a win over the whole event.

This kind of positive attitude bodes well for Astralis. If they can play that well without dev1ce, then it should be great to see the results they put together with dev1ce.

​​Just as the icing on the cake, gla1ve has a great sense of humor, too. It should be great to see Astralis be playing as a complete unit again soon.