It's been a pretty exciting week for the League of Legends G2 Esports team.

With not only ​rumors of the former botlane of team ROCCAT​ joining the G2 familythere are now rumors of another addition to the G2 roster.

Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski announced his free agency towards the end of November. Having been a great jungler and vital part of fellow European team H2K Gaming, Jankos mentioned his appreciation for having been able to play on H2K, as well as the fact that he was open to any offers from any major region.

While G2 might not be from a different major region than Jankos' former team, H2K, the G2 LoL team has been dubbed "The Kings of Europe" for good reason. If it's true that G2 is looking to invest in former H2K jungler Jankos, this could not only be a good way to stay in one of the "major regions" as Jankos said in his tweet, but also quite a major offer for the player. 

And ​according to an article posted by ESPN on Tuesday, G2 is very close to adding Jankos to their ranks.

However, this is still all mere speculation; it will only be after a much-anticipated roster reveal later this week that will tell all.

Until then, we can only keep an eye out for any more hints--or duo queues--that might give us the information that many European fans have been waiting patiently to find out.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games