The most important part of a team doing well together is being able to practice with all of the members. Although the official first season of the Overwatch League is still a month away, the preseason begins on Dec. 6, which means that the teams participating would need to practice as much as they can.

Dallas Fuel uploaded a recording of Brandon "Seagull" Larned's thoughts on his first full day of practice with the whole team. Seagull gushed about having one of the best Tracer players in the world, Hyeon "EFFECT" Hwang, and added that having a Tracer changes the types of team compositions they could run. ​

​​Seagull also mentioned that they are still getting used to the meta, but he didn't seem too worried about how they'll play for the exhibition matches. 

The Overwatch League's preseason begins on Dec. 6 with games by San Francisco Shock, Florida Mayhem, Los Angeles Valiant, Shanghai Dragons and Seoul Dynasty. Dallas Fuel will take on Houston Outlaws the following day, on Dec. 7. The league's preseason will last until Dec. 9, and fans will then only have to wait a few weeks before the first season officially begins.