​Rush has been off of most everyone's radar for a while now.

After leaving Cloud9 back in July 2016 and going to Korea to explore his prospects there, former C9 jungler Lee "Rush" Yoon-jae is now officially a part of the new KT Rolster roster for the 2018 competitive season, as confirmed on the team's official Twitter on Wednesday

It's been a while since anyone has seen Rush play competitively.

It appears as though KT Rolster hopes that by acquiring Rush and Ucal to strengthen their already all-star roster, they can live up to the 'super team' expectations that they failed to meet this past season.

We'll just have to wait and see how their team practices will shape up, and whether or not the dream team can really pull it off this season. In the meantime, however, speaking of dreams, I'm sure the Cloud9 fans can find some new ones to focus on.

For now, yes, the Cloud9 Rush dream is dead. But on the other hand, the Rush dream is now very, very alive.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games