Earlier this year, Riot Games opened up an overseas office in New Delhi, India, and are now looking to fill positions there, as revealed through the New Delhi office page on their website.

India hasn't had much of a presence when it comes to League of Legends, be it professionally, as a region, or even in terms of having their own server. As a nation that seems to be unexplored territory for most of the esports industry, India could potentially hold a lot of untapped potential for professional gaming, be it LoL or other games.

It seems as though Riot hopes to see the same incredible amount of interest and success they've had in other regions, in India.

The fact that India hasn't had much growth of its own in the esports industry is actually pretty surprising considering the size of its population and the worldwide growing interest in video games. This could definitely be attributed to a lot of different factors, but one in particular that might be the main cause is that most game companies haven't invested much into India, like they have in Korea and the U.S. 

Hopefully Riot's starting of operations in India will spur new growth.

Riot's investment into India seems like it should be worthwhile, but only time will be able to truly tell whether or not it'll pay off. 

As for now, keeping an eye on the LoL India scene isn't a bad idea; you never know what, or who, might turn up.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games