​With the new franchising system coming to the NA LCS in the upcoming split, all participating teams are required to form an academy team for the new challenger series. FlyQuest are the first team to confirm a couple of their players on the academy roster, they have successfully signed a top laner and bottom lane duo.

​FlyQuest Academy Team:

  • Top - Alvin "Ngo" Ngo
  • AD Carry - Sang "Erry" Park
  • Support - Juan "JayJ" Guibert

All three of these players have already build a foundation of synergy from playing together for the University of Toronto's official League of Legends team. Ago, Erry, and JayJ helped bring their team to victory after conquering the Taipei Universiade and reaching the finals of the 2017 Tencent Global Collegiate Cup and the ULoL NA Finals.

Joining an organization like FlyQuest will open many doors for these rising players. Most of the veteran NA LCS have retired and its time for new talent to start showing the audience what they are made of on the main stage. The academy league is a great opportunity for rookies to start their professional careers on the right foot. 

We're eager to see what player will stand out the most and who will be the player to watch for in the future. Keep your eyes peeled as teams announce their full starting roster for the academy league. 

Photo courtesy of FlyQuest