​As the perfect culmination to a crazy EPL Season 6, SK Gaming and FaZe Clan had to play out one of the most entertaining best-of-five series that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has ever seen.

The two teams in contention for the label of being the best in the world duking it out in a best-of-five. What could be better?

Map 1: FaZe Clan 16:13 SK Gaming | Inferno

​​The scoreline on Inferno tells the story very well on its own. Although SK was able to keep the map close the entire time, FaZe ultimately was able to perform better in more rounds and won by a thin margin.

Map 2: FaZe Clan 11:16 SK Gaming | Overpass

​​On Overpass, FaZe started showing a few holes in their gameplay. It looked almost as though they continually tried the same things against SK Gaming for most of the second half and although the adjustments came in, they were too late and ultimately gave SK Gaming a relatively comfortable victory on Overpass.

Map 3: FaZe Clan 9:16 SK Gaming | Mirage

​​After a 13-2 first half for SK Gaming, the map was pretty much guaranteed. Despite that, FaZe put on a lot of pressure in the first portion of the second half to almost threaten the comeback.

However, even FaZe couldn't overcome a 2-13 deficit, and SK Gaming ultimately went up 2-1 in the series.

Map 4: FaZe Clan 16:19 SK Gaming | Train

​​Just looking at the scoreline and seeing that SK Gaming won doesn't tell even a fraction of the story. SK opened up with eight rounds straight before FaZe came up with an 11-round comeback. Directly afterwards, SK took the lead back with six rounds straight.

The map ended up going to overtime though, and SK Gaming only dropped one round on their path to victory in overtime against FaZe Clan.

What an incredible win. What an incredible series. If you missed it live, do yourself a favor and watch the VODs.