2018 is just around the corner, and that means a whole new year packed to the brim with CS:GO tournaments, content, and more. The DreamHack crew kicked things off a little earlier by announcing that the DreamHack Open Circuit will continue for its seventh straight year, with CS:GO featured as its main title. 

The Open Circuit will take place at eight DreamHack events throughout the year, ranging from the DreamHack Tours all the way to DreamHack Atlanta.

The events will feature a similar structure to past years, in which the initial six teams are invited based on their ranking and game results. The final two spots are decided through qualifying games, with one spot for an EU team and another for an NA team. At certain events, only five teams will be invited, two will qualify, and one will be chosen at random. This is a perfect system which keeps things exciting and the players engaged in high-level play. The events will also feature the standard CS:GO format, which consists of two groups playing a double-elimination bracket before moving into the playoffs.

Unfortunately, there will not be a CS:GO event at DreamHack Leipzig, but that's because it conflicts with the ELEAGUE Major: Boston. Probably best that the players focus their attention on that before setting their sights on the DreamHack Tours, which will begin in May after a few months break.