G2 Esports has been receiving a huge overhaul for their roster, and this does not exclude the coaching staff. Back in November, Joey "Youngbuck" Steltenpool, announced his departure and was looking for new opportunities. Today, G2 announces Fabian "GrabbZ" Lohmann as their official head coach.

GrabbZ was formerly on Team ROCCAT as their head coach, although ROCCAT did not participate in the 2017 EU LCS Summer Split playoffs or regional qualifiers, GrabbZ still kept his head high to help ROCCAT stay in the EU LCS. They were a fairly average team, but are not facing huge changes to rosters and coaching staff, as every EU LCS team is facing as well. 

GrabbZ left Roccat on Dec. 2 along with some of their players. G2 has decided to sign GrabbZ as their head coach just after announcing their full roster for the 2018 season. 

Many fans are disappointed that a number of European star players will be transferring to the NA LCS. Hold your heads up high Europe with the number of roster change this season, EU LCS will be just as action packed as the NA LCS. G2 has a lot to work to do to reclaim their title of EU LCS champions.

Photo courtesy of G2 Esports Twitter