ESL has revealed a new CS:GO GeForce Cup for teams in the Middle East and North Africa. Open signups have already begun for the qualifiers, from which the best teams will advance to the finals.

This GeForce Cup will be the first tournament hosted by ESL in the region, which is wildly underrepresented in esports as a whole. Players will compete for a formidable $12,000 prize pool, one of the largest the region has ever seen.

The Cup will take place over the course of December and January, with the finals slated to be fought out on Jan. 27. The winner will walk away with $7,000, leaving $3,500 for second place and $1,500 for third.

This tournament could give players in the region a chance at some much-needed exposure. Success here might mean a ticket to the West and greater Counter-Strike fame.

Additionally, if the GeForce Cup itself is successful, it could open the door for a greater opportunity down the line. If the market proves itself strong enough, there's nothing to say ESL won't return for more events.

Cover photo courtesy of ESL