The North American qualifier for the ESL One Genting 2018 minor wrapped up on Dec. 22 and the second North American representative has been decided. It was a hard fought qualifier that showed off some of the best NA Dota

In the end, it was compLexity Gaming who took the win.

​​In the final series, compLexity faced off against Immortals in a best of five to see who would qualify. Each game was rather quick with none of the matches going over half an hour in length. This is not to say that the games were not competitive, this mostly just points to they way NA Dota is trending at the moment.

CompLexity has been doing very well in the NA qualifier scene recently and has even been performing better on LAN. They will be attending the upcoming Captain's Draft 4.0 minor as well since they won the NA qualifier for that. It is always exciting to see NA teams improve and make the region more competitive as a whole.

​​The ESL One Genting 2018 qualifiers are almost done with only the Chines qualifiers still going on. The final two Chinese teams will round out the 16 team minor set to take place in January of 2018. 

Best of luck to compLexity and all of the teams participating in the minor.

Cover photo courtesy of TalkEsport