Though 2017 saw incredible improvement from a lot of Melee players and some well-known players finally got sponsors, the sad truth is that not everybody can improve at every turn.

You can't always live up to people's expectations of you, but when people start expecting a previous top 10 player to bust out, it's a pretty disappointing year.

That's why the saddest title of most disappointing Melee player of 2017 goes to Weston "Westballz" Dennis. He had a few good performances this year, but all in all, it felt like he just got upset by Sheik in pools and struggled to put on a good show after that, even failing to make it into the top 64 bracket at all at The Big House 7.

Westballz is still a great player overall, but after being a definitive top 10 player in 2016, some people questioning his being top 15 for 2017 makes it a really disappointing year for him overall.

He didn't lose to bad players, but the expectation that everybody had for Westballz was much higher than some of his losses in 2017.

Still, he hasn't said anything that makes him sound discouraged, and he even showed some improvements at the Twitch Invitational to end out 2017. Perhaps he can make everybody happy instead of sad this year.

Image courtesy of Red Bull