Jeff Kaplan's ​latest Developer Update teased fans with some ​information on Hero 27, but he failed to go into specifics about who this new character would be. 

The only information he disclosed was the hero was needed in the game. If you've been ​wondering who this hero might be, a supposed leak may give you the answers you've been looking for.

The post is written by someone who claims to be a visual designer at Blizzard. They reveal that the next hero is a tank, currently named "Shiedroid," who can be seen in the background of Moira's origin story video. 

"He is a tank who we are trying to make an anchor tank like Orisa and Reinhardt, he has a whopping 650 HP. 400 of it is armor. He has a gun similar to D.Va's on his left arm. It does significantly less damage," the user wrote.

The user also adds that this is a tank hero who is not meant to brawl. Instead, this hero is specifically designed to protect their teammates.

​​In addition to this, the user also claims the next map will be a control map called Utopaea. Allegedly, Utopaea is a city designed by the Vishkar Corporation. The Junkertown Queen is also supposed to be released in July, and this year's Uprising event will take place during the Omnic Crisis.

You can read the rumor in its entirety ​here.

These rumors need to be taken with a grain of salt, of course. We'll only know for sure what is coming to Overwatch when Blizzard decides to dangle some more information over our heads.