Mercy has been one of the most problematic heroes in Overwatch for some time. From the stigma around "Mercy mains," to the complaints about her Resurrect, there is always some sort of issue with Mercy within the community. I don't believe the answer is to completely ​remove her from the game, but Blizzard might want to consider removing something else.​

Mercy's ultimate ability, Resurrect, allows her to essentially revive her entire team if they had been all eliminated. But the frustration among players who hated having well-calculated plays erased with a simple press of the button was so overwhelming that Blizzard stepped in and reworked Mercy, stopping her from reviving multiple people at once. 

We all assumed this would hurt her a bit, but we were wrong.

The nerf hasn't stopped Mercy's popularity. In fact, ​it skyrocketed, and Blizzard is still trying to figure out what to do with her. The latest update to the Public Test Region includes a ​huge change to Mercy's Valkyrie, including removing her instant-Resurrect.

​​At this point, where is the sense in keeping the ability if it needs to be nerfed every couple of months? While Resurrect seems to be a big part of Mercy's character, not just in-game but within the lore, Blizzard has failed to find a balance between Mercy's kit and the satisfaction of the fanbase.

It definitely isn't easy to reach a middle ground where Mercy won't feel broken within the game and overly powerful, but the changes Blizzard has made and continues to make on her Resurrect seem to be going nowhere.

If Overwatch players cannot handle having the ability in the game (and I will admit it can be an extremely irritating ability to play against), then maybe Blizzard needs to get rid of it. Mercy is constantly getting her kit changed, and players need to constantly relearn the "right" way to play her. 

Many changes come to mind regarding Mercy and her Resurrect, but if the ability is such a problem among players, then maybe Resurrect should be taken out of the game.

Image courtesy of Blizzard