NA LCS Team Logos Ranked Worst to Best

The new season of League of Legends is coming fast and with the the new franchised teams making their way to the big stage for the first time. Team logos are important for branding purposes and allows each team to have their own identity! Here's how we ranked the old and new team logos of all the NA teams!

10. Flyquest

Sorry FlyQuest, but your logo is just so... mundane. 

FlyQuest is back in the game with the support of Wes Edens, owner of the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks. Following their rookie season, FlyQuest is coming back more dedicated than ever with new management, new team, and new plans. 

We look forward to seeing them on the stage, but maybe we can work on that logo a little bit. 

9. OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming has seen huge success with all esports across the board. OPT is here to make the same statement; they have a commitment to win. While we think they have potential on the big stage, we think their logo could use a tune up. 

8. Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming is among one of the longest running teams in North America. Suffering the most massive change they have had in a while, we wonder if the meaning behind this logo will change along with it. With new support from the Madison Square Garden Company, we are curious to see what else will evolve from CLG. 

7. 100 Thieves

We can appreciate the cool font 100 Thieves used in their logo, however, we also thought it was a little much. Although we might not think it's much to look at on our screens, it looks fantastic on all of their merchandise! 

6. Clutch Gaming

Clutch Gaming, another new face on the LCS stage, gives us Captain America vibes with their logo! Similarly to Team SoloMid, they feature one of their letters wrapping around the other, but added a small star in the middle representing their drive and heart to be number one in North America.

5. Team Liquid

Team Liquid is one of the original brands in esports, leading the way with their advanced development and team resources. You may be wondering, "Why is Team Liquid's logo a horse?" 

Well, the proposed story says that while making a logo to represent Team Liquid, the designer came across this picture. Since he couldn't find one with water, they went with snow instead! 

4. Team SoloMid

TSM is a staple in the League of Legends community having won six NA LCS championships. Having one of the more simple team logo designs, TSM is easily memorable if you are just now tuning in to esports or if you're a concurrent viewer.

3. Cloud9

Cloud9 is our third runner up! The art design is a great portrayal of a cloud; while being completely made up of connecting number nines. We definitely think this team has one of the more clever team designs in addition to it's simplicity. 

2. Echo Fox

Echo Fox takes our second spot, although, I would say it was a close tie with Cloud9! Both designs easily depict the name of the team with a visual representation that makes them easy to recognize. 

Additionally, Rick Fox, former basketball player, is their coach! It's just too fitting.

1. Golden Guardians

The Golden Guardians are a new addition to the NA LCS, but will no doubt make a name for themselves this year! Truly representing North America, their logo illustrates a bird's eye view of the Golden Gate Bridge located in San Francisco.

With the addition of a huge "W", the whole thing kind of looks kind of like a sword, foreshadowing the fierceness the Golden Guardians will bring to the LCS stage.