One of the big reasons that the 2017 SSBMRank's rankings for Melee's top 100 players from the previous year are so important is because these rankings can have a huge impact on players getting sponsored.

Perhaps earlier than anybody might have suspected, this already holds true for one of the players who finished his year just above the No. 75 spot.

Just after his SSBMRank number was made public and just before GENESIS 5, Coalition Gaming has signed Charlie "AbsentPage" McKinley. He's definitely a great player to pick up for the younger organization looking to sponsor new players.

He put together several incredible wins starting during the summer of 2017 during only his first year traveling, so the second year traveling has no reason not to be even more stunning.

For his part, AbsentPage didn't waste any time in making his thanks known on Twitter. Anybody's first sponsor like this is probably quite special to them, and that's probably how AbsentPage feels right now.

Watch out for all three of his scary characters in 2018, starting with GENESIS 5. This just makes the idea of 2018 Melee even more exciting.

Image courtesy of  Red Bull