5 Best Shotcallers in the West

We've seen them in action, and we've seen their teams in action. Ranked from least prominent of the group to most, these players are some of the best shot callers the NA LCS has ever seen.

5. Reignover

Kim "Reignover" Yeu-jin is no stranger to taking the lead in both the best and the worst of situations. Having plenty of experience both in Korea as well as in NA, he is now set to jungle for NA team Counter Logic Gaming this upcoming season and put his shotcalling to the test.

4. Pobelter

Although his former team didn't make it into the newly-franchised ranks of the NA LCS, Eugene "Pobelter" Park did, as he was quickly picked up by Team Liquid. 

On Immortals he showed his top-tier prowess as a mid laner, and while the team didn't have any primary shot caller to their name, he definitely has some of the best knowledge both in game and out, and is sure to bring that to TL.

3. Aphromoo

Most don't think of the role of support as the ideal spot to be in to call the shots; Zaqueri 

"Aphromoo" Black made it out to be just that. Well-known for his versatile support skills, incredible plays, and intelligent shot-calling skills, Aphromoo is one of the forces that helped to shape Counter Logic Gaming into the formidable team it was in seasons past. 

And now, on 100 Thieves, his career and days of shot calling are definitely far from over.

2. Bjergsen

As the face of top North American organization Team SoloMid, Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg has been known to be the one constant on the ever-changing roster of TSM. With his intense and and success-intent character, Bjergsen is much more than just a pretty face; he is the primary driving force behind TSM's success over the years. 

TSM has placed first regionally the most consistently out of any other NA organization to date--and this year, more than ever, he's determined to see that same success at Worlds.

1. Hai

While he's the player on this list with the rockiest and least-consistent career, Hai "Hai" Du Lam is likely the most prominent and most incredible shot caller known to NA. Having been one of the main reasons for Cloud9's incredible success in the team's early years, Hai has had plenty of experience leading teams from the depths of rankings to the highest tiers.

As the mid laner for the new NA team, Golden Guardians, Hai might just turn out to be the golden boy for his golden team.