10 Highest Earning Organizations in CS:GO for 2017

Every year there is quite a lot of CS:GO events, from the DreamHack events, to the ESL One events. Prizes are always up for grabs, and the best teams tend to grab most of the prizes. The CS:GO scene has come a long way from three years ago. 

Everyone knows SK Gaming or FaZe Clan had the best year, but in this list we're showcasing the top 10 earning organizations throughout 2017. 

10. North - $461,250

North came in at No. 10, with just shy of half a million dollars in earnings. The Danish side had a good first year of existence, winning both season of ESL Pro League in Europe and taking home the DreamHack Open Montreal crown. 

They also placed second at DreamHack Masters Malmo after an impressive display throughout the event. The organization just started this year and are on an upward trend.  

9. Kinguin - $494,238.07

The Polish side makes it to No. 9 on this list with for earning $494,238.07 in 2017. Most of their earnings come from placing second at the World Electronic Sports Games Finals that took place at the beginning of the year. 

Second place nabbed them a cool $400,000, after that, the team struggled. The organization will head into 2018 with a brand new roster to bring back some of the glory days. 

8. Cloud9 - $543,250

The top earning North American side finds itself at No. 8 on our list, with just over $500,000 earned throughout the year. The year didn't start out as great for them, but the tail end of the year was much more kind, with victories for them at DreamHack Denver and the iBUYPOWER Masters 2017 Finals. 

The future looks bright for Cloud9, as they have been the one squad from North America to truly compete with bigger talents towards the end of 2017. 

7. G2 Esports - $617,500

G2 Esports had a solid year, earning over $600,000 in prize pool winnings. The highlights of their year had to be winning the Season 5 ESL Pro League Finals, and following that up with taking home the crown at DreamHack Masters Malmo. 

Those two event wins alone contributed to more than half of their earnings.

6. Gambit Esports -$831,184.20

Gambit Esports had a pretty good year in terms of prize pool earnings. They earned over $800,000 throughout 2017, and even won a couple of events. 

Their most notable win was the PGL Major in Krakow, which added $500,000 to their total winnings. They wrapped up the year by winning the ROG Masters to add another $117,500 to their total. 

5. Virtus.pro - $891,806.15

Virtus.pro find themselves in the middle of the list, making just short of $900,000 in winnings for 2017. They didn't have the greatest of years as they had in the past, but still made some money. 

The year didn't start off too badly for them; they placed second at the ELEAGUE Major in Atlanta before winning the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas event. After that they struggled a little, before coming up with impressive performances at EPICENTER 2017, before losing to SK Gaming in the final. 

4. Team EnVyUs - $1,044,013.91

Team EnVyUs didn't exactly set the world alight with their performances in CS:GO this past year, but they did earn the fourth most among all organizations. 

Notably winning the World Electronics Sports Games Finals at the beginning of January, Team EnVy bolstered their winnings by receiving $800,000 for winning. They did also win DreamHack Open Atlanta; however, after that, the rest of their year was relatively mediocre. 

They placed no higher than second at an event after winning DreamHack Open Atlanta.

3. Astralis - $1,463,500

Astralis started off the year in spectacular fashion, winning the ELEAGUE Major Atlanta event and taking home half a million in prize money. They didn't even finish below top four at an event until the ESL Pro League Season 5 European Playoffs. 

All year they finished within the top ten at events, which would explain them breaking the $1 million threshold in prize earnings. 

2. FaZe Clan - $1,515,750

FaZe Clan were a force, especially towards the end of 2017. The squad picked up over $1.5 million in earnings from events during the year and showed just why they are one of the elite teams in the scene. 

Their run through ESL One New York was perfection, the squad did not drop a map en route to a resounding victory. They also took home the ELEAGUE Premier trophy shortly after before finally losing at EPICENTER, only placing 5th-6th. 

With all the damage they did during 2017, it's no wonder they find themselves as the second highest earning team in CS:GO. 

1. SK Gaming - $1,557,756.15

Who else, but SK Gaming would take the top spot in the list of highest earning teams for CS:GO in 2017? The Brazilian squad was absolutely unstoppable on their best days. They won a total of eight events in 2017. 

The EPICENTER and Esports Championship Series Season 3 Finals provided the most earnings for them at $250,000 each -- that's half a million total from two event wins. They also wrapped up the year winning two straight events, ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals and the BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen. 

The year 2017 was very good to SK, and surely 2018 will provide more event victories and prize earnings for them if they can hold their momentum.

Photo by ELEAGUE