Overwatch, like most games, has its imbalances. Many players have certain biases over which heroes are too strong or too weak and it always changes depending on things like new heroes coming to the game or a new meta.

With the inaugural season for the Overwatch League just beginning, we get to see the likes of the best players in the world face off, while also seeing who they think might be too strong in the game. DBLTAP got to interview a hand full of these pros on media day to see which Overwatch hero needs to be nerfed, and some of the answers might surprise you:


There are already ​nerfs coming for both Mercy and Junkrat, like noted in the video, so it will be interesting to see how effective these heroes will be in the game after their changes. As Houston Outlaws' DPS player Jake stated, we might be getting a Mercy that is actually too underpowered in the next update.

​​Be sure to check out more of what Jake had to say about the Overwatch League and tune in as he and Houston Outlaws face off against Philadelphia Fusion at 7pm EST.