For almost a year, this Yasuo main has been streaming game content alongside crazy bets during the NA LCS season! Because of his personality, Yassuo and Counter Logic Gaming have teamed up and put him on their team of streams.

With a Yasuo-only diet and silly shenanigans like shaving his head for LCS bets or teaching his community how to shave a neckbeard, he will likely be popular with CLG. 

"I'm excited to join CLG because I'm a pretty competitive person myself," he said in a news release. "I enjoy watching the LCS and make the occasional stupid bet on the LCS matches. Let's just say I'm in the process of growing back my hair right now. I hope that my fans can support the CLG organization and myself during my time here. Look forward to more streams and great content from me under the CLG banner!"

Yassuo becomes the ninth CLG streamer and joins the likes of trick2g in League of Legends.