Epsilon eSports revealed its new Counter-Strike roster in a tweet Friday after one of its own players, Owen "smooya" Butterfield, tweeted a similar lineup back in December.

The new lineup features smooya teaming up with an international array of players: Konstantinos "tsack" Theodoropoulous, Robin "robiin" Sjogren, Cosmin-Mihai "cosmeeeN" Butuc, and Kia "Surreal" Man.

Smooya will remain on the team after the uncertainty in No​vember surrounding his position. The new lineup is a departure from the all-Swedish roster Epsilon has fielded in the past.

This is Epsilon's third major lineup change since June and the team re-recruited cosmeeeN after releasing him in last year to make the all-Swedish lineup. The team also has a new coach in the form of Jamie "keita" Hall.