5 Tips for Playing Ana Effectively in Overwatch

Ana is a healer that can be frightening if played by the right hands. With the addition of a buff to her damage output, as well as a buff to her aiming on console, she's seen a decent pick rate again. If you're new to Ana and want to get better at her, here are some tips to keep in mind.

5. Preserve Your Sleep Dart

Ana is a hero who can effectively protect herself with her Sleep Dart. Flanking enemies like Tracer, Reaper or Sombra can sneak up from behind and easily take you out unless you have a Sleep Dart to stop them. 

You can also use it on an enemy to disrupt their ultimate, or against a charging Reinhardt to save yourself or another teammate. The ability has a cool down of 12 seconds, so use it sparingly!

4. Know Your Positioning

Ana's scope allows her to reach teammates who aren't nearby, so it's best to make sure you can have an eye on your team wherever you are. You'll also need to make sure you have a good way of escaping a flanking enemy if you can't land a Sleep Dart on them. 

3. Don't Nano Boost Too Early

The effectiveness of Ana's Nano Boost completely depends on her target. If your teammate doesn't have their ultimate, and you're trying to pair both ultimates together, don't preemptively Nano Boost them. If your teammate is low on ammo and is about to reload, don't Nano Boost them yet. Make sure you're always communicating with your target to find out if they're ready or not.

2. Use The Environment

Ana's Biotic Grenade can heal teammates within the radius, but also prevent enemies from being healed as well as deal damage to them. You can easily wipe out a few people by combining this with either an ultimate or getting a teammate in there to eliminate them.

However, if you're trying to use the Biotic Grenade on the enemies, but there's a huge Reinhardt shield blocking them, then look around at what you can throw it at! If there's a wall behind the shield -- or maybe even a roof above their heads -- that you can launch the Biotic Grenade at, it will hit your targets.

1. Focus on Healing

Ana is a support hero. While it's great that the same shots you use to heal can do damage, depending on who you're shooting at, you should always keep an eye on your teammate's health -- especially tanks like Reinhardt. 

You're allowed to get in a few kills of your own, especially when you can help take out pesky enemies like Pharah, but prioritize healing above getting a gold medal for eliminations.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard