Overwatch Team Story, a series of tournaments in China, has revealed the list of competing teams for the fourth tournament, simply titled Chapter 4. The tournament had to go through a few changes since Blizzard released its ​Path to Pro plans that eliminated the Premier Series in China and OGN APEX in South Korea.

​​Twelve Chinese teams and four Korean teams will compete in the tournament. Almost all teams competing in Overwatch Team Story are also set to compete in the upcoming season of Overwatch Contenders. Fans can expect a number of intense matches between teams like Lunatic-Hai and LGD Gaming.

Stage one of the tournament will feature four groups of four teams playing round robin within their group. The winner will be decided by a best-of-three format, and the top two will advance to the playoffs.

Although a schedule has not been set up, all matches can be viewed on the tournament's ​website. The tournament is expected to begin Monday.

​​Photo courtesy of OTS/Twitter