The newly launched  Overwatch League skins are a great way to support your favorite team within the game itself.  But a few players have pointed out that the prices for buying multiple league tokens don't add up.

If you purchase 100 tokens -- which you can then use to buy one team skin of your choice -- you'll have to dish out $4.99. Your next option is to buy 200 tokens, but you'll have to pay $9.99. Fans who are gifted in mathematical skills have realized that it is actually cheaper to buy 100 tokens twice, instead of buying 200 tokens at once.

For players in Australia, the difference between buying 100 tokens twice and 200 tokens at once is more apparent. Reddit user moekakiryu pointed out that there is a difference of 25 cents for players buying tokens in Australian currency. 

You'd be better off buying 900 tokens and 2600 tokens in bulk. But if you're only interested in getting one or two league skins outside of the free 100 credits players were given, getting 100 tokens at a time might be the wiser choice. 

Every penny counts!

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard