Space Soldiers had a rough start in the New Challengers Stage of the ELEAGUE Major, losing to Sprout 11-16. The team has bounced back in round two and secured their first win of the tournament, a 16-9 victory over AVANGAR. Engin "MAJ3R" Kupeli of Space Soldiers, took some time to speak to DBLTAP's after the team's win.

DBLTAP: Lots of people have been complaining about the legitimacy of this major with all the roster issues, but you guys have been excited about this Major for a while. How important is this Major for you guys?

Engin "MAJ3R" Kupeli: It’s a very good thing that we received a visa for 10 years, five months ago. We took care of the visa problem and got it out of the way. It’s a dream for the Turkish community to play at any Major. We are going to give everything we have.

DBLTAP: Do you think it’s on the same level as previous Majors?

MAJ3RIt’s a different system. Now it’s only challenger teams, but for the major, compared to other majors, this is not the same level as last year. There are a lot of stand-ins for a lot of teams. But it’ still very good. Every team will give there best. Which is all that matters. 

DBLTAP: You’ve talked about how the team needs more experience, but there has to be a belief about whether or not you guys can win games and advance far into the tournament. Do you guys believe that or are you just using this tournament as another stepping block for your guys' careers?

MAJ3R We really think we can do something. Generally, we start very slow and our teammates stress a lot but now with our win, we can open up and play better. We have the potential to do it. Especially at the challenger level. We think we can go through.. On paper, we can do it but we need to show it on the map. But it’s okay if we lose because we get the experience. Winning and losing is not everything.

Answers have been modified for clarity. 

Photo Courtesy of Space Soldiers