In every Smash game, there are plenty of incredibly talented free agents. It comes down to a lot of talent and not too many organizations, but it isn't a problem quite yet. With the 2017 SSBMRank almost immediately helping Charlie "AbsentPage" McKinley get sponsored, people were curious if it would help anybody else.

In short, it did. As the organization's entrance to the Smash scene, Team Dignitas has sponsored Hugo "HugS" Gonzalez. After the old-school Samus main decided to get serious again with his Melee career come 2017, his results went way up and he made quite a name for himself.

Between that and his relatively popular stream, he's definitely a good pick-up for any organization looking for a great player who can provide them a solid entrance to Smash.

For their part, Dignitas chose to share a goofy clip from his stream in which he saw the Dig jersey on for his SSBMRank picture before unzipping his Twitch hoodie to realize that he had that same jersey on for the stream that day. Definitely a fun way to introduce the sponsorship.

With the sponsorship announced, GENESIS 5 will be HugS' first tournament sponsored by Dignitas.