From ideological conception, everybody knew that the Overwatch League was going to be incredibly hype. Instead of waiting for individual tournaments to crop up, fans were teased with the idea of getting to see top-tier teams play every single week.

The OWL has already gotten plenty of things right and given fans a ton of incredible plays, so here's another one for the storybooks.

As the New York Excelsior took on the Houston Outlaws, it was a tight battle for Point B on Ilios. Then, Do-hyeon "Pine" Kim stepped in. Though only half his ult was built up before the overtime play began, he showed up on the scene with a few key kills against the Outlaws' Mercy and McCree before using Deadeye to vanquish the enemy Mercy.

After that, his teammates helped him clean up the remainder of the Outlaws as a quintuple-elimination play of which three were Pine's kills outright let the Excelsior take a very tense point on Ilios.