The first week of the Overwatch League wrapped up and fans got some first looks at their favorite teams. DBLTAP got to speak with some of the pros to ask which character they felt needed a nerf the most.

There was a wide range of answers, but two heroes, in particular, seemed to stand out. The first is Tracer, who is devastating when played at a high-skill level. The second is Mercy, who Blizzard has constantly been tweaking and changing. It was interesting to note that most of the Korean players who answered went straight for Tracer.

​​While Tracer and Mercy got most of the votes, it is interesting to see that there were many other names thrown around. Kevyn "TviQ" Lindström even spoke about how no heroes actually need a nerf, there just needs to be more heroes in the actual game. Hopefully, the developers hear this and release hero 27 soon, who apparently is close to being released.

​​No doubt many casual players disagree with the pros, especially since Tracer is not that much of a threat at lower ranks. She is a highly mechanical hero who really only becomes a nuisance at high ranks. No doubt most casual players would choose someone like Mercy or Junkrat.

The Overwatch League continues to play on Jan. 18 where fans will get to see these players play all of these overpowered or underpowered heroes.