7 ADC Skins You Need to Own

If you're an AD carry main, then you know the importance of having a good skin for your champion. If you are going to carry the game, you have to do it in style! Here are seven skins that will either set you apart from everyone else on the rift, or are a must-have if you're looking to style on your opponents.

7. Gladiator Draven

Gladiator Draven is one of the more simple must-have AD carry skins on this list. What makes it so special is its amazing re-imagining of axes and outfit. The rugged, yet sharp look of the skin fits a champion like Draven who is blood hungry very well. 

Tyler1 fans seem to gravitate towards the skin for it's alpha-like demeanor!

6. PROJECT: Lucian

PROJECT: Lucian is another must buy AD carry skin. His skin features crisp animations, which make auto attacking much more comfortable, granting satisfying feedback on attacks.

If you are someone looking for a champion skin that makes gameplay much smoother, PROJECT: Lucian may be the perfect skin for you.

5. Dragon Trainer Tristana

This skin features fun animations revolving around the unique dragon Tristana is carrying, instead of a gun. 

This champion is picked because of her solid kit and hyper carry abilities. As an AD carry main, you are likely to play Tristana a lot, so you might as well pick up the coolest skin she has! Every attack and ability as a cute animation. The only animation that we don't like is the one that is triggered when Tristana dies. It's just to sad for any human's eyes.

4. PROJECT: Vayne

Vayne is finally running rampant in the meta once again, which means you'll need a intense Vayne skin to go along with her. Conveniently, Vayne was recently blessed with a new skin in the PROJECT line. 

What makes her skin so special however, is the new motorcycle Vayne rides when leaving the fountain at high speed. This is one of the more unique animations in the game, and might just be the coolest one associated with travel!

3. Pug'Maw

It may be unsettling to see a champion like Kog'Maw, who is usually known for being a strange looking beast, turn into a cute oversized puppy, but we aren't complaining. 

This skin is an instant pickup for dog lovers looking to enjoy a quality AD carry.

2. Star Guardian Ezreal

With his Magical Medium Yuuto, Star Guardian Ezreal is another must have AD carry skin, considering it's the only skin to feature such a cute little creature. 

The skin features unique animations, granting Ezreal flight when he leaves the fountain at high speeds, and a unique recall.

1. Pulsefire Caitlyn

If you are looking to play one of the staple AD carries in the game, Pulsefire Caitlyn is another great skin to pick up. 

The skin features more crisp particle effects on her auto attacks, allowing for more comfortable gameplay. Pulsefire Caitlyn has unique interactions with a ton of champions, and when leaving the fountain at high speeds, Caitlyn can be seen riding her Pulsefire rifle as a motorcycle.

If that ain't cool, then I don't know what is.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games