The 2018 NA LCS Spring Split is coming. Opening week is going to be marked with some ​awesome games, and their results will have a resounding impact on the standings for the rest of the split. 

When the opening match is between two contenders at last year's Worlds, how could you miss it?

Ten teams will be competing for the gold in a series of brutal best-of-ones, a reduction from the prior best-of-three format. With the introduction and loss of some teams due to franchising, there will be a lot of new faces and logos to get attached to before the season is done.

  • Team Liquid: A ​new training facility and a ​squad of veterans will give Liquid the edge this year, as they are already considered one of the best teams in NA
  • Clutch Gaming: Rounding out their roster with ​Febiven and Solo, the Houston Rockets' esports branch looks to make a strong debut
  • Echo Fox: While it was middling team in the past, the addition of ​Huni in the top lane might make all the difference for Echo Fox, especially with his career ​86% winrate in the regular season
  • Team SoloMid: The ​addition of Zven and Mithy puts TSM in contention once more for best team in North America, and no one should be surprised if they do become the best
  • Counter Logic Gaming​Reignover and Biofrost join an already solid roster, which looks to repeat their past success, despite Aphromoo's departure
  • Golden Guardians: It is not on the back of Hai alone that GG will try to find success; he is ​joined by some other well-known veterans that are hungry for wins
  • 100Thieves: A team with tons of potential, Nadeshot's ​team of veterans will try to get Cody Sun back to Worlds after his outstanding rookie season
  • Cloud9: The C9 roster has had some shakeups, trading out ​many of their players in an attempt to rekindle their former glory
  • OpTic Gaming:​ PowerOfEvil looks to repeat his past success on OpTic Gaming, just as he did with UoL and Misfits
  • FlyQuest: The #FlyFam had some success last year, and now that they've reloaded with ​some great players, they look to take the next step forward

To help improve the viewing experience, there will be more to watch than just the games being broadcast. The NA LCS countdown will start the day off right with interviews and meta analysis, available to view on the ​lolesports site,​ YouTube, and​ Twitch prior to that day's matches. 

For the final game of the day on Saturdays, there will be the NA LCS Lounge, featuring guests, AMAs, and more in-depth streams. Finally, the day will close with the NA LCS Tonight recap, covering how each match went down.

There's a lot to look forward to in this 2018 season. Team's are more stacked than ever, but it still feels like there's an opportunity to be had for some of the newer organizations to come out and prove themselves. 

Don't be afraid to get hyped for the Spring Split, because there's going to be a whole lot more League than what we're used to.


Photo courtesy of Riot Games