Four Overwatch League Matches You Can't Miss in Week 2

Following the success of the first week of the first season of Overwatch League, Week 2 promises to bring even more hype, providing a second chance to some teams looking to redeem themselves, and another opportunity for the leading teams to solidify their top spots.

If you can't see all the matches live, definitely consider making time for these four at least!

4. Fuel vs Outlaws

The Dallas Fuel went into the first week as the North American team to watch - undoubtedly the most popular, too. Unfortunately they were matched against Seoul Dynasty and the Los Angeles Valiant, two top tier teams in their own right and Dallas lost both matches. 

While the Dallas Fuel has great individual talent, it's apparent that the synergy as a team is lacking. Hopefully we'll see the Dallas Fuel bounce back after the first week and win their match against state rivals, the Houston Outlaws. 

3. Gladiators vs Excelsior

The Los Angeles Gladiators have proved to be a cohesive team, and the New York Excelsior have proved to be a top tier team in the league. It seems like the Gladiators have what it takes to follow suit, but with one match won and one lost last week, it remains to be seen for sure. Beating NYXL will make a huge statement about the team. 

2. Mayhem vs Dragons

Neither the Shanghai Dragons nor the Florida Mayhem won any matches last week, and both teams have sunk to the bottom ranks. It will be interesting to see if these teams are at least evenly matched, and both teams will be fighting to best each other to stay out of the bottom spot.

1. Valiant vs Spitfire

The Los Angeles Valiant and the London Spitfire both proved to be excellent teams last week and this week Valiant will be looking to show the league that they're playoff material. And what better way to do that than to beat the London Spitfire?