​If you're anything like me, you miss the days of epic-tier skins in Overwatch. Seasonal events add a slew of skins to the game every couple of months, but they've all been legendary-tier since Summer Games 2017.

Legendary skins are fantastic and all, but they're also all the harder to get. ​Epics are opened in loot boxes a lot more often, and they're far cheaper to simply purchase if you aren't patient enough to rely on praying to RNGesus!

In the past, epic skins have essentially been simple recolors of the base hero skins. These offer a little more flair than that – Reaper's mask looks all the more sinister with devil horns, and his Hellfire Shotguns have a lava-like glow to them.

McCree and Symmetra go for a more elegant look, rocking the colors blue and gold and purple and gold, respectively. And what's not to love about the large Deadeye logo embroidered on McCree's wrap? You can't say his enemies haven't been warned.

Junkrat's new epic skin looks as if he finally took an explosives safety course and maybe took one or two things to heart while continuing to ignore the rest. He's wearing a shirt for once, and black and yellow checkered patterns encompass much of his equipment.

Finally, Zenyatta looks nearly as sinister as his Cultist skin from Halloween Terror 2017, but far more alien. He's rocking the black and green, with wave-like designs throughout him.

It's almost as if Zenyatta is a fan of the original Xbox, or something. Odd choice of obsession for a lifelike AI, but why not?

Like the rest of the cosmetic reveals this week, Blizzard promises they will be made available on Overwatch on all platforms on Tuesday, January 23. Epic tier skins have an 18% chance of dropping as opposed to Legendary skins at 7%, so unless you've got some kind of luck, look forward to acquiring these sooner than later!

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment