Mousesports bounce back from their loss against SK Gaming by beating Vega Squadron 16:3 on Sunday. Mousesports improve to 2-1 in the New Legends Stage of the ELEAGUE Major: Boston. 

After the game, mousesports player, Martin "STYKO" Styk, spoke to DBLTAP’s Nathan Fusco about the tournament so far.

Nathan Fusco: One game away from getting Legends Stage, let alone going on to the Major. How does it feel?

Martin "STYKO" Styk: Feels awesome. A lot of players don’t even get the chance to have this kind of opportunity. They’re one game away from the Legends spot and yet they’ve attended all the Majors or a lot of Majors. This is just the second for me so it’s a real big thing. Obviously we’ll do our best together, it's the dream right now and it’s the goal we want to achieve.

NF: You guys shut down the shark memes for today especially on that CT side. What did you guys do? It felt like you guys had a formula for how to play Vega Squadron.

STYKO: Well it comes from the practice. Vega Squadron mentioned before that everyone hates playing against them, even FaZe said they hate playing Vega Squadron. But we love playing Vega Squadron because we always learn from that match, not only individual players but we learn how to play against CIS kind of style of CS. We love playing against them, we took all the information we gathered and just poured it into our minds before the game. We just decided that Mirage was the best option for us to play and we know their tendencies, so we just rolled with it. The fact that we were on point, everyone of us, it just helped.

NF: When you guys have such a dominate game, it can almost feel like you want to keep playing but you have to wait a whole 24 hours before you play again. Is it frustrating when your on point and have to go, “Ok see you guys tomorrow?”

STYKO: Actually, we’re kind of happy that we only have one game per day. Right now because it’s the first game of the day, we’re all super tired because we had to wake up at 7 to get proper breakfast, shower and get the shuttle here to the studio. It’s kind of frustrating to play tired. When we were all hanging in the players lounge before the matches with the Vega Squadron guys, we were all yawning. We just all wanted to be in the bed still. It feels like, "We won the game, great let’s head back to the hotel, chill, watch some games, take a nap or something." So we’re looking forward to that.