​The North America League of Legends Championship Series Spring Split kicked off last week with an insanely backwards result. 

Teams that were assumed to be first ended up losing twice in a row, 100 Thieves managed to play a 60+ minute game, and Echo Fox's Seung-hoon "Huni" Heo dominated with an impressive Lucian top game against FlyQuest.

Since there is a scarcity of data as a result of only one week passing by, it's important to take these power rankings as a framework for what the following weeks may look like.

Here is the power ranking for the end of the NA LCs spring split week one.

  1. ​Echo Fox
  2. ​Team Liquid
  3. ​100 Thieves
  4. Cloud9
  5. Clutch Gaming
  6. FlyQuest
  7. OpTic Gaming
  8. ​Team SoloMid
  9. Counter Logic Gaming
  10. Golden Guardians

​Here are a few teams that stood out among the power rankings.

Echo Fox

​As mentioned earlier, Huni on Lucian top is a great breath of fresh air for the NA LCS. To see such an off role champion played by such a dominant laner was a great sight to see. Hopefully this game will foreshadow the style of champions Huni will be bringing to the meta this split.

Team Liquid

After a dominant performance against Team SoloMid who originally dropped TL's current AD carry Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng, Team Liquid solidified its spot as a top contender in the LCS by going 2-0. This paragraph was not paid by Steve. 

100 Thieves

Despite their early game struggles, 100 Thieves was able to clutch up in a long game against OpTic Gaming. With their impressive objective control by utilizing Kog'Maw's high damage output and countering OpTic's black shield antics, added on top of a win against CLG, 100T seem like the real deal.

Team SoloMid

While some fans believe that TSM will be able to ​make a comeback as the split progresses, this is definitely a red flag if the team is looking to compete on the international stage. While it's always fun to see TSM lose to former AD carries, losing in such a one sided manner is jokingly irredeemable.

Photo Courtesy of​ lolesports flickr